Friday, May 12, 2006

Life is good and nice or down and dirty as we like to see it. At this moment of my life I want to do so many things and so many things have to be done (even if I don't want to do them). Irony I feel. But then what is life without the ups and downs (and in my case the work and interest). As we believe (in a particular part of world from where I come from) is duty. The aim is to do one's duty but i think doesn't one's interest become duty interest and duty intersect somewhere..Is there a break even in life....As my previous project manager told me once...Wish I had seen the Doucment of Understanding (DOU) of my life before I began..Wish we all could.....that it from my table..have to get back to work and leave another interest writing/reading a blog..........he he..take care